Is White America Going Infertile? The Tea Party Frets.


Right Wing Watch alerts us that the Tea Party Nation sent out an e-mail blast this morning with a message from Rick Swier, who warned that the “The White Anglo-Saxon Protestant (WASP) population in America is headed for extinction and with it our economy, well-being and survival as a uniquely America culture.”

Warning that the “country is dying not because it is aging, it is dying because of infertility as public policy,” Swier writers that some of the reasons white people are doomed are because:

— What is keeping America’s fertility rate up are immigrants — both legal and illegal”

— Continuous attacks on “the family, bent on redefining marriage” which have led to “anti-family government programs”

— actions “done in the name of various causes such as: reducing unwanted pregnancies, delaying child bearing to further career goals and even promoting childlessness and promoting adoption as a better option”

— And, perhaps most of off all, because “Child bearing has become something distasteful to many women, an unwanted and painful experience to be avoided rather than embraced”

So, apparently, without immigrants, gay marriage, working women, pesky adoptions, nihilistic childless, or the mess of natural delivery, all would be well with the nuclear WASP family.

We predict this will not be the last you’ll hear of this kind of argument during the coming election cycle. In getting out primary voters, the destruction of white people dovetails nicely with the narrative of a native Kenyan occupying Oval Office — even if certain Republicans have had their own birth certificate problems.

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