Japan Orders Safety Upgrades at Nuclear Plants; Average Age for Women to Marry Is 30


Japan has ordered safety upgrades at its 55 nuclear power plants. Meanwhile, radiation leakage continues at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, with radioactive iodine in the ocean near the plant at 3,355 times the legal limit. [Reuters]

Donald Trump continues in his desperate bid to try to get our attention, this time with a variety of birth certificates to prove that he was indeed born. As for his hair, we still really don’t know. [NPR]

Silvio Berlusconi’s legal team wants George Clooney to testify at the Italian prime minister’s sex trial, for reasons no one fully understands. [NYP]

A hole recently found in a US Airways plane that landed in Charlotte, North Carolina, was caused by a bullet, which was found inside the plane. The bullet was fired in Charlotte after passengers left the aircraft, officials think. [CNN]

“Fat stigma” is becoming a global phenomenon. You can blame that on the U.S. [NYT]

Jobs are up! [WSJ]

The average age for a woman to get married for the first time has gone up to 30 years old. That gives women just two years of wedded bliss until they turn into their mothers. [Telegraph]

The Weather Channel will report from the royal wedding. [WWD]