LCD Soundsystem Farewell Week: Frontline Reports from Terminal 5 Night Two


And the grand-goodbye continues. LCD Soundsystem played their second of five farewell shows, or their fourth-to-last show ever, last night at Terminal 5. Monday saw a Reggie Watts guest appearance, rude dudebros, and ultimate catharsis. Last night apparently featured a very similar set list and so much Tweeting that James Murphy had to reprimand you all, suggesting “maybe put down the phone” and “maybe just be here.” You didn’t, of course. And here’s what you said.

There were a lot of people there, at Terminal 5, and things got a little cozy.

And dance, you all did! For the entire three hour show.

Like the first night, Reggie Watts showed up for the 45:33-centric second set. Tonight he’s at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, so who will help James Murphy cover “You Can’t Hide (Shame on You)”?

Anybody know where it fits in?

If New York is looking a little worse for the wear this week, this might be why.

Two down, three to go.