Obese Man Found Fused to Chair


There aren’t many times in life that you get to fuse a man to furniture in a headline, so we’re taking this opportunity. Say of us what you will. Here goes: In a case that the Daily News describes as “horrific,” an obese man had to be cut out of his “living room chair” that he’d sat in for two solid years after he was found there unconscious. And thank goodness he was unconscious. (Don’t read on if you’re eating.)

Cops said the 43-year-old man’s skin had fused to the fabric of the chair.

They said he sat in his own waste and was covered in maggots.

His skin had fused to the chair.



After cutting a hole in the man’s house, officials were able to extricate him from the situation and take him to the hospital. Somewhat astonishingly, the man had a roommate, and a girlfriend who brought him food because he couldn’t get up. It is unclear whether that situation will continue, or how the couch feels about all this.

Via WTRF, his landlord said she checked on the man, who used to be “a vital, active person” periodically, “but lately he always sat with a blanket over him. She says she had no idea it had come to this.”

People fusing to furniture, however, is a more common incident than you might think, if Google is any indication.

Update: The man has reportedly died. R.I.P.

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