That Brooklyn Heights Montreal Bagel Place Is Called B&B Empire, and Should Open in May


A couple of months ago, word got around that a Montreal-style bagel shop would be opening in Brooklyn Heights. Now, a few scant new details have become available, courtesy of the shop’s website.

First and foremost, it will be called B&B Empire, which kind of puts us in mind of bed-and-breakfasts, far as the eye can see. Second, the “grand opening” is scheduled for May. That’s also when the menu will be revealed, though, per stock photos on the site, customers can “expect to see” things like pancakes, chopped vegetable salads, French toast, fruit salad, and a flaming oven.

Although the site provides a detailed history of the origins of the star product — which it proclaims is “the real bagel” — it gives no clue as to who will be running B&B. But expect more information to become available on B&B’s obligatory Facebook and Twitter pages. In the meantime, we’re reminded of the cautionary words of Noah Bernamoff, who sells Montreal bagels a few blocks away at Mile End: “Maybe [they’ll] open up and the bagels won’t be Montreal bagels, but bagels baked in a wood-burning oven.” Either way, expect the inevitable Mile End comparisons to follow.