Times Square to Become One Big Restaurant with Menus, Table Service


OK, this whole curbside dining thing might just be getting out of hand. According to the Daily News, the Times Square Alliance has invited restaurants and food vendors to bid for the chance to deliver food to the 100 tables installed in the now car-free plaza. They are even imagining a scenario wherein waiters deliver menus to diners, offering a selection of dishes from nearby restaurants.

The vendor fees would benefit the alliance and help offset the increased cleanup costs since Broadway became a pedestrian mall. Sure, there’s more litter, but at least now tourists don’t have to truck it into a restaurant to eat. Some of those things have stairs, for God’s sake! Hey, why not have roller-skating waitresses deliver food to yellow cabs on Seventh Avenue where traffic still crawls through? Cabbing it downtown can work up an appetite, after all. Speaking of which, why don’t cabs serve food? Maybe not hot meals — there are regulations to observe, of course — but there’s that whole unused front passenger area that could house cheese and crackers. Some charcuterie, perhaps? Come one, people, let’s get creative!