Today in El Diario: Watch Who You Call “Elf”


Short man sues boss

A Latino man is suing his boss, claiming that the employer made fun of his short stature and made him watch porn, according to the Spanish-language daily.

Juan Pablo Pichardo, a Manhattan maintenance worker, has filed a lawsuit against Moises Guimet. He said that Guimet would call him “elf,” and pet him on the head.

Guimet is also accused of printing pictures of elves from the Internet, then posting them in Pichardo’s workspace, reports the paper. The suit also claims that Moises printed out a picture of a baby, and then placed a picture of Pichardo’s face on the photo of the infant.

Guimet showed Pichardo porn “against Pichardo’s Christian faith.”

The suit also states that Pichardo is an exemplary worker.