What Do Charlie Sheen, the Bronx Zoo Cobra, and the Bronx Zookeeper Have in Common?


They are all on Twitter, obviously. They are all celebrities, of a sort. But is there more…maybe an insidious link, or perhaps a shared penchant for yoga or caffeinated beverages? Not content to simply speculate, we word-clouded it out. Let’s start with Mr. Sheen. Here are his most commonly tweeted words and phrases, which more than 3 million people are privy to, the lucky souls.

Next, there’s the newly famous Bronx Zoos Cobra, who has surged to 165,037 avid followers in her five days of freedom (yes, she is a female). What does she have to say?

And, finally, the unlucky Bronx Zookeeper, trailing with 7,000-some followers:

So what do these three misfit souls have in common? Charlie Sheen tweets about Charlie Sheen, and so does the Cobra; they both also have used the word “hey.” The Cobra and the Zookeeper both care A LOT about venom, and snakey things in general. In conclusion: Bronx Zoos Cobra, you are a Twitter bridge between Charlie Sheen and the Zookeeper! Snakes. Bringing people together.