World’s Most Irritating Restaurant Now Permanently Serving the World’s Most Expensive Hot Dog


Perhaps discontented with holding records for selling the world’s most expensive ice cream sundae and the world’s largest hot chocolate, screaming-kiddie mecca Serendipity 3 is now permanently dishing up the world’s most expensive hot dog. So what do you get for $69?

Well, for that price you get a 12-inch grilled beef hot dog, grilled in white truffle oil (obviously … the most expensive anything requires truffles), stuffed into a salted pretzel bread bun (imported from Germany, at that! No locavores here!) and toasted with white truffle butter, topped foie gras with black truffles, and served with condiments including black truffle Dijon mustard, caramelized Vidalia onions, and heirloom tomato ketchup. Which sounds sort of good, but also like there’s so much going on, it’ll put your taste buds into overdrive.

“We created it actually last July for World Hot Dog Day, and we received a Guinness World Record for it then. It’s a pretty amazing hot dog. It’s not your typical street dog, that’s for sure,” noted Joe Calderone, a spokesman for the restaurant. Although the dog was, in fact, created last summer, Calderone notes that as of today, it’s become a permanent menu item, though advance notice of purchase of about 24 hours is required.

Still, at $69, it’s only one-fifteenth the cost of their sundae, which clocks in at a whopping $1,000.