Best Pizza’s Veggie Slice Is a Fantastic Piece of Pie


We’d been hearing lots of good, drooly things about Best Pizza since it opened last October, so we were happy to have an excuse to finally haul ourselves over there last night. And we were even happier once we bit into the slice pictured above.

Rather than jump on the Neapolitan gravy train, Frank Pinello and his crew are using their wood oven to turn out exemplary pies that fall somewhere between Neapolitan and New York. That translates to a crunchy, almost buttery crust that’s light on the char and heavy on flavor.

The square veggie slice ($4) is generously decorated with Brussels sprouts shavings, mushrooms, sliced garlic, slivers of purple onion, and little florets of cauliflower. The flora is interspersed with a generous — but not overly generous — quantity of mozzarella that’s been browned to its blistery ideal. It’s gooey and salty, the vegetables are crisp and caramelized, and together with that luscious crust they will convince you that not only is Best Pizza is worthy of its name, but that there is benevolent order to be found in the universe.

Best Pizza
33 Havemeyer Street, Brooklyn