Julian Assange Dancing Video, Finally!


This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for. First we got the description in words, then we got the photograph and now we have the video, thanks to Forbes. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s moves have been described as “almost like a tribesman performing some kind of ritual. He’d spread his arms and gallop across the dance floor, taking huge steps. He didn’t look very rhythmic or coordinated, and he didn’t seem to have that much feeling for the music, but he did possess a certain cool. He didn’t care what other people thought of him. You need space, he once told me, for your ego to flow.” See for yourself.

The clip was taken in Iceland by Seth Sharp, a local DJ:

Sharp had asked Assange’s permission back in 2009 to take the photos of him dancing. “[Assange] hesitated at first and I told him that I would not put them on facebook,” says Sharp. He didn’t know who Assange was; he just liked his style. “I usually take photos of the crowd dancing when I am DJing.  I thought it was cool that an older guy was going crazy to our music, since we played for a younger crowd.”

Sharp says he decided to post it, in part, because of my saying to him that it seemed tame in comparison to what we’ve learned about Assange’s sex life during the course of the criminal investigation out of Sweden.

Leaks, indeed. The world is now a better place. (The song is “Blessed” by DJ Tommi White with Sharp on vocals, just FYI.)

And might we suggest a partner? Obviously he needs his space, but Assange’s floor looks pretty empty.

[h/t Forbes]