Kindergarten Is Making Park Slope Parents Crazy


There’s been kind of a run on kindergarten this year, with more kids wait-listed than ever. This is extremely stressful, leading to parenting behavior that’s more crazy than ever. Not only are parents trying to get their kids into schools through a variety of creative ruses and outright lies (because not getting in the right kindergarten could totally destroy your kid’s chance at ever having a successful life), but also, citizen narcs are seeking out these liars and con artists and busting them!

Yes, this is in Park Slope.

The New York Post reports on this scandal.

Detective work by PS 107 parent coordinator Pat Mannino and other staffers has already uncovered two cases this year.

In one, a family hoping to get into the school ratted out a kid from another neighborhood, who was then bounced from the waiting list.

Last year, a family offered to pay the electric bill at a stranger’s home, with the receipts serving as proof of residence.

Worried about where your youngster is going to get his or her learning? Parent coordinator Pat Mannino and PTA Prez Mary Vines are on the case, so don’t get to thinking about any funny business, Park Slope parents! Mannino and Vines are the Starsky and Hutch of early education. The Crockett and Tubbs of early education. The Baker and Ponch of early education. Whatever the metaphor, they are defenders of honor. Moral compasses. “Kindergarten cops.”

“It’s unfortunate that people abuse the system, and this is what it has come to,” [Vines] added. “[But] we can’t service the needs of our neighborhood if people are cheating to get in.”

That’s exactly right, and sounds like the very sort of important lesson one might learn in…kindergarten.

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