Moby Reveals His Sexual Orientation


Last night at Bowery Poetry Club, host Daniel Nardicio asked the music icon how he categorizes his sexuality.

“My sexual orientation?” Moby replied.


“…I was born in New York City and I’ve lived here for a long time,” he declared as the crowd cheered.

Hey, me too! We have the same sexuality!

Moby, who said he’s currently sober, was more specific about his past drug escapades.

He said he must have been to various after hours clubs back in the day because a friend assured him they went there.

But damned if he could remember a thing, seeing as he was so wasted the whole time.

Though he does recall being in the bathroom at Max Fish and finding a bag of rock gut cocaine behind the toilet.

“I was like, ‘OK’,” revealed Moby, cutely.

Well, he was born in New York City and has lived here for a long time.