Paige Turner Will Fuck For A Cosmo


Who can’t relate to this zesty photo spread of the triumphs and travails of NYC living, photographed by the golden Alexander D’Or and starring drag head-turner Paige Turner?

All in a day’s work, Paige goes gaily shopping, offers sex for booze, chases after a mugger in an unspeakable hoodie, and reveals seductive body parts while hailing a cab.

And when she gets to her destination, I bet she’ll offer more sex for more booze!

She’s the new Holly Golightly, but as is delightfully common on the cross-dress scene, she goes heavily on the makeup and fashion.

As Dolly Parton once famously said, “It costa lotta money to look this cheap!”

The dress is by Sam Brooks. And D’Or’s website, if you want more, is