Performer Penny Arcade Throws Mic Down And Exits!


Wild woman Gerry Visco hosted an all-star “Gerry Party” at the Wild Project the other night, and even debuted her new song “How To Be A Top” with a bevy of tops and bottoms (“half of which were liars,” says Visco).

But the real drama happened when performing legend Penny Arcade took the stage.

Says Visco:

“I’d told everyone they had no more than 5 minutes. Andy Warhol gave everyone 15 minutes of fame, but that’s too much. Even Jesus Christ himself would get 5.

“Penny’s story was enthralling, but somehow it went on for 7 minutes and her music ran out at 5. So she yelled at the DJ, platinum blonde Tyler Stone, she needed her music and he tried to get it right, but there was a little glitch and he yelled back at her that she only was supposed to get 5 minutes.

“I would have loved her to go on for even 15 minutes, in reality, because Penny was on it that night.

“Penny threw the microphone and stormed off the stage and Tyler yelled at her again, then film director/actress Katie Madonna Lee took the mic and yelled at Tyler that he had a helluva nerve yelling at Penny, a legend of performance art. Things got a bit ugly between them, so I grabbed the mic away from her and brought them backstage.

“Looks like Penny, Tyler, and Katie Madonna are all friends again, but life is tough in the performance art world (I think it’s because we’re all broke!), and here’s one more onstage spat to prove it. Of course, the audience was delighted to watch the fireworks.”

Don’t you love it when people are yelling at people because they yelled at other people?