The Bronx Zoo Cobra Is the New Ed Hardy


How does something so pure and lovely and natural and full of venomous potential (like an escaped cobra) turn into an overplayed marketing opportunity in less than a week? We’ll tell you: The Internet. Let something (like an escaped cobra) capture the imaginations of the public, and then get a semi-amusing Twitter account, and sooner rather than sooner you’ll have any number of people piling on and making T-shirts and implementing tank tops and marketing campaigns with venom drink products and trying in whichever way they can to capitalize on the elusive “viral” magic. The Internet has turned us all into carpetbaggers.

To wit, this press release:

It’s no surprise that this slithery escape artist has already inspired T-shirt designs on CafePress, the customizable merchandise site that also saw a spike in user-designed, Charlie Sheen-related products within hours of the first mention of “Tiger Blood.”

Ain’t America grand? And isn’t this cobra thong a must-have for all fashionable panty-wearers?

We’re still hoping the cobra is found alive, because if it’s decaying in the corner of the Reptile House, we’re all gonna feel pretty darn bad about wearing this stuff.

Well, maybe we’ll just get this one mug.