USC ‘Roof Sex’ Photographer Speaks, Would Take It All Back


You’ve probably heard about the sex scandal rocking the West Coast. A USC student in a fraternity (who has since been suspended for his naughty behavior) was busted for having sex with a non-USC student (determined to be from UCLA) on a campus building’s rooftop. Surely, thousands of USC students have sex with each other and also with non-USC students regularly. But this was in the open air, and someone got photos, which means: This shit’s viral.

The “accidental” photographer who took the photos has been interviewed by ATVN, USC’s news channel (albeit with his face hidden and voice altered) and explained how this all came to be. He just happened to be standing in a crowd of some 10 or 15 other students watching the incident when someone said, as someone always does nowadays, “we should document this.” He did, and what happened next is basically Internet History 101:

The male student who took the pictures from Birnkrant Residential Hall says that he never intended for the pictures to go viral. According to the student, the pictures were first posted on a private Photobucket account. Someone else copied and posted the pictures onto a popular college gossip website.

Now he feels bad about it, or at least is saying he does.

The student also said that if he could do it all again, he would probably take back his actions of taking these pictures.

Well, too late for that, but the good news is that in this 24-hour news cycle there will surely be a new and more exciting scandal by next week, and in a month, the Internet will have largely forgotten about this, even if the roof sexers haven’t.

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