With Grandma Dead in the Closet, Man Has Sex in Her Bed


This makes that USC “sex on the roof” story seem borderline commendable. Larry Davis, a 21-year-old man, was having sex with a 20-year-old woman in his grandmother’s East Harlem apartment when two relatives barged in, concerned that they hadn’t seen Cora Davis, 76, in two days. After interrupting Davis’s coitus with questions like, “Where’s Mama?” a relative threatened to call the cops, and Davis ran away. Upon arrival, the police had a very unpleasant discovery.

Via the Daily News,

Cops arrived and searched the apartment, finding Cora Davis’s body crammed in the bedroom’s closet under a pile of clothes, the sources said.

The city medical examiner was trying last night to determine the cause of death. Sources said investigators found signs of hemorrhaging around Davis’ eyes that suggest she may have been strangled.

Neighbors claim that Larry Davis wasn’t particularly upset upon his departure from the building, and apparently Cora had an order of protection out against him, which doesn’t seem like a good sign, but then, neither does having sex on Grandma’s bed. Cops are still looking for Davis.

Can we talk about roof sex again now?

Horror in Harlem: Relatives find dead grandmother stuffed in closet as grandson has sex in bed [NYDN]