Alex Stupak and Columbia Student Really Don’t Like One Another


Here’s the latest tiny cockfight to rock our tiny world. Jason Bell, a student restaurant critic at the Columbia Spectator wrote a nasty review of Alex Stupak’s Empellon. In his review, Bell claimed he staged with Stupak while Stupak was the pastry chef at wd~50.

Grub Street subsequently wrote at length about the review, in which Bell claimed that the chef treated him badly. And then Stupak emailed Grub Street to say that Bell was a “liar,” and also didn’t know how to use a knife. And then Bell emailed the blog to say that Stupak “remembers those events differently” than he does, and that while he does have a chip on his shoulder, the review has allowed him to “move past the chip.” Will someone say “April Fools” already? Please?

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This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 1, 2011


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