‘All That Chat’ Has Been Bought by The New York Times–Or Is It an April Fool’s Stunt?


If you go to, it says “All That Chat” has been scooped up by the Times and they’re going to start charging for it.

“All That Chat” is the theater chatter box where people pose queries like “Are there any gunshots in Sister Act?” in between some intelligent dissections of Broadway topics and some less intelligent, agenda-laden ones.

But it’s mainly notable for reviewing shows starting with the very first preview and thereby dramatically scooping the critics.

It’s the board that’s had critics constantly complaining because it’s taken the wind out of their old-time power!

After all, by time the official reviews come out, we already know what’s right and wrong with every show thanks to ATC!

So now the Times is buying its oppressor?

Maybe I should buy The Glenn Beck show.

Of course bear in mind this is April 1, so the board might be pulling our high-kicking legs.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 1, 2011

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