Fun, Fun, Fun for Curtis Granderson and Yankee Fans


When Curtis Granderson came to bat for the Yankees in the second inning of yesterday’s home opener against Detroit, the crowd got a nasty shock: The stadium’s speakers were blaring Rebecca Black’s “Friday,” a song so insipid it makes Justin Bieber sound like Lou Reed.

Granderson, too, seemed baffled, looking over at his teammates in the dugout and shaking his head with a smile. When he came up again in the fifth, Granderson and thousands in the lower deck had caught on, and the fans were chanting in near-unison, “Friday, Friday, Friday” and “Fun, fun, fun.”

(As Stephen Colbert asked Tuesday night, “How many ‘funs’ is that?”)

Actually, the most annoying song in America (more than 70 million YouTube hits, with the meter still running) serves as a punch line for a hilarious segment Granderson did for the comedy group 12 Angry Mascots, in which Curtis browses iTunes looking for at-bat music to replace his familiar Busta Rhymes selections. After rejecting Tom Waits, Pete Townshend, and the Lollypop Guild song from The Wizard of Oz, among others, he settles on … no, we’re not going to give it still more publicity.

The really scary part, though, is that considering the kind of day Granderson had — a tie-breaking home run and two sensational catches in centerfield (watch the highlights on if you can stomach John Sterling singing “The Grandyman Can”) — he may stick with Rebecca Black’s song all season long.

Please, please, Curtis, back to Busta Rhymes.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 1, 2011

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