What Will We Name The Cobra?


Contest alert! The recently-located Bronx Zoo Egyptian cobra is still nameless, and we all have until 1 p.m. on Monday to submit our suggestions. The contest is run by the Bronx Zoo in conjunction with the Daily News and if you win…you’ll win the honor of having named the most famous snake in New York. Nay, the country. So what kinds of names should we be considering?

Celebrity puns

Hissy Elliott has already been suggested. The thing about going with a celeb pun name is that not only will it probably be dumb (see: “Hissy Elliott”), but it’s a little too of-the-moment. This name needs to have staying power, cobras (probably) live for years.

Something Egyptian

The snake is an Egyptian cobra, and as such she could be named something like “Cleopatra.” There are hundreds of people who will submit this name. Better options: Nefertiti or Hatshepsut.

A Bronx reference

Not sure what this would be exactly. Especially since it’s a girl snake, so calling her “Steinbrenner” or something would be weird.

Bronx Zoo’s Cobra

What the Twitter (which is getting really rather old) suggested.

Something counterintuitively normal

Just call the snake Ashley or Lauren.

So, those are our options for naming the cobra. We’ll find out the winner on Thursday. Start brainstorming!

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 2, 2011

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