Yale’s Frats Just As Fratty As Can Be


Yale is under federal investigation for “its failure to eliminate a hostile sexual environment.” Its frat boys seem to be running rampant, not letting their fancy Ivy League-ness get in the way of behaving like cavemen. Sixteen students filed a complaint in March accusing the university of a breach of Title IX, citing some of these charming examples:

    • Last October, frat boys made their pledges gather outside a freshman dorm and chant, “No means yes! Yes means anal!”
    • There is something called a “preseason scouting report” in which boys rate the attractiveness of girls. It’s like Facemash, but analog.
    • “A list of 53 students was circulated enumerating how many drinks the fraternity members said they would need before having sex with them.”
    • Frat-douches also held up a sign saying “We love Yale sluts” outside a women’s center.
    • A “naked party” involving the force-feeding of alcohol ended the way a lot of these things seem to end: in sexual assault allegations and a bunch of hospitalizations.


So, when are colleges going to get serious and ban fraternities? (Note: not all of these incidents are connected to a particular frat. But still.) For real, what is the advantage of having them? Does anything good ever come of them? There’s usually some boilerplate about philanthropy or community service, but let’s be real. “No means yes! Yes means anal!”? Public sex atop a university building? Frat bros are gross.

[via New York Post]

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 2, 2011

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