Snooki Appearance Controversial Among Everyone Except Toni Morrison


Boy, are parents mad about Snooki’s recent appearance at Rutgers. Both about the concept of it, and the cost (almost $10,000 more than they pay in yearly tuition). And everyone else is freaked out by the fact that Shnickers was paid $2,000 more than what Nobel Prize winner Toni Morrison is being given to speak at commencement. You know who remains totally nonplussed? Morrison herself. When you’re the person who wrote Beloved and Sula, you’ve really got bigger things to worry about.

The Post actually had the nerve to call up the 80-year-old Toni Morrison on the phone and ask her questions relating to Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi. Morrison’s response: “I don’t know her . . . and I don’t care.”

Then she told the reporter that she usually makes double what Rutgers is paying her, but that “I have some nostalgia about Rutgers because I used to teach there so, in effect, I cut my fee in half.” Toni Morrison does not give a fuck.

Rutgers parents on the other hand — or rather, the two Rutgers parents the Post quoted — are displeased. “It’s disgusting,” said one. “Next year, is it going to be Jwoww or The Situation?” Yeah, probably. You may as well get used to it now.

As for students? Mixed reactions. One girl was pissed because she had to watch Snooki sober, and another lamented the fact that her classmates are “easily led automatons” who would want to watch Snooki in the first place. But aren’t jewels of wisdom like “Study hard, party harder” and “When you’re tan, you feel better about yourself” (both true!) worth the extra cash?

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This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 3, 2011

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