Eighteen Months Later, Bosie Tea Parlor Is Opening


Way back in October of 2009, we heard that the West Village would be getting a shiny new tea parlor featuring blends from L’Âge de Thé, a fine-tea company co-owned by Kiley Holliday, the country’s youngest tea master.

Although we had no idea that such a title even existed, we were intrigued: finally, an alternative to all of those places offering only exhaustively pedigreed coffee and artisanal sticky buns. But nothing happened.

Until now: Diner’s Journal reports that the tea parlor, called Bosie, is opening on Morton Street this Thursday. In addition to a selection of some 100 teas, it will sell an assortment of French pastries made by Damien Herrgott, a veteran of Ladurée in Paris and Bouley Bakery. City codes were the explanation for the holdup; we’re still waiting for someone to explain whether the place is named after Oscar Wilde’s spoiled and insolent young lover.


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