Macaroni Macaroni Has Opened, Selling Macaroni (Surprise!)


MacDougal Street has undergone multiple culinary facelifts in recent months, from the luxe (Minetta Tavern) to the less swank (Saigon Shack). And now it’s home to what is quite possibly the most unoriginally named restaurant in the city: Macaroni Macaroni.

The shop calls itself a “Macaroni and Cheese Castle,” which is kind of rad, because why not call yourself a castle? Who cares if you’re just a tenement-building storefront! The menu offers the obvious macaroni and cheese with assorted flavorings (spinach and feta, pepperoni, cauliflower and carrots [?]), which can also be had on top of pizza. All sounds a little dubious, but hey, maybe it tastes better at 3 a.m. — as do most things on that stretch of MacDougal.


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 4, 2011


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