Medical Marijuana Could Soon Come Without the High


The New Scientist confusingly calls a new set of experiments “ingenious” for separating the “mind-alterting” effects of weed from the “pain-relieving” parts. These nerds seem to be missing the point, spoiled stoners would argue. The studies might possibly lead to “cannabis-like drugs that provide pain relief without causing unwanted highs.” The parts of the buzz like “hallucinations” and “impaired mobility” are referring to as “unpleasant side effects,” though that does seem debatable. Still, decoupling the effects of the THC worked in mice, who didn’t get quite the silly study they signed up for.

“This is an important breakthrough in the long-sought separation of intoxicant effects of THC from its desired medical effects,” said one researcher, who’s charged with thinking of the actual patients in need, like those hoping to dull pains from cancer. A similar product created in Europe, used to treat painful muscle spasms, works without “psychotic reactions,” but releases into the body 20 to 40 times more slowly than smoking.

The New Jersey medical marijuana scene is still on the upswing, so if your physical pain is mild as compared to your boredom or mental blues, try to get there before science does.

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This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 4, 2011

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