Today in El Diario: Electricity Bills Must Be Paid


Latinos to pay electric bills

New York’s Latinos have decided that there’s only one way to deal with proposed electricity rate hikes: paying their power bills, the Spanish-language daily reports.

“Well, you [have got to] pay it,” Felix Rodriguez, who owns a Lower East Side tailor shop, told the paper.

If the Federal Energy Commission’s plan is enacted, the city’s business owners could see a 17.5 percent increase in electricity costs. Homeowners might face a 12 percent jump, according to the publication.

Sen. Charles Schumer, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and Con Edison are all fighting the federal government’s proposals, El Diario states. Con Edison would not benefit from the increases because the company distributes electricity, but does not produce it.

“I’m going to fight against this tooth and nail,” Schumer said.

Luis Roldan, a retired Puerto Rican on the Lower East Side, hopes their protests will be successful. It will be hard to absorb additional costs, Roldan said.

“What am I going to do? That’s what a lot of people are thinking,” he said.

Despite the inconvenience, Roldan told the newspaper that he will find some ways to cut back – probably by turning off the TV and other appliances.

“I hardly watch television – only boxing,” he said. “And thank god I don’t have a wife. Puerto Rican and Hispanic women love to watch telenovelas.”

3 shot at Brooklyn baby shower

Two gunmen opened fire at a baby shower in East Flatbush, injuring three, according to El Diario.

Police say that two men tried to rob a 34 year-old woman, a 14 year-old girl, and a 19 year-old man outside Universal Resorts Bar, located on Church Avenue and East 48th Street. The victims ran into the bar, where a baby shower was taking place.

The robbers followed them into Universal and opened fire. The victims are in stable condition, reports the newspaper.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 4, 2011


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