Another Sad Celebrity Memoir About Abuse


Ashley Judd has just such a memoir coming out in a couple of days, and she says it’s been written to help other abuse victims speak out without shame.

That’s very noble of Ashley, whom I always liked.

But the problem is, other abuse victims may want to speak out, but they don’t get a book contract.

Other abuse victims don’t nab big money to write and promote their story, going on nationwide tours that take them to talk shows and hotel suites.

Other abuse victims don’t assemble their stories of abuse, attempted rape, and recovered memories as a publisher salivates.

Am I just being a horrible cynic?

Any form of abuse is absolutely hideous and to be fought at all cost.

Ashley’s suffering and depression are terrible, and something she still has to deal with every day.

But unless all the proceeds are going to abuse victims, do celebrity memoirs really help those victims more than anyone else?

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 5, 2011

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