Five More Ways For Cee Lo Green To Re-Record His Big Hit


Cee Lo Green nearly topped the pop charts with his vulgar hit “Fuck You” thanks to some creative maneuvering; its blithely profane chorus was reworked so it could pass the FCC’s muster for radio-airplay and Glee-warbling purposes, and it was dubbed “The Song Otherwise Known As Forget You” when it got nominated for a bunch of Grammys. “Fuck You,” despite its naughty chorus, has shown that it has a pretty long shelf life (remember, it first hit the Internet all the way back in August), and the time has come for yet another makeover: In honor of Duracell’s effort to provide batteries for volunteer firemen, it’s being retooled into something called “Thank You.” Surely this isn’t the last we’ve heard of this track getting cleaned up for less f-bomby purposes. Here are some reworks that might come to a radio near you:

“Love You”: For that moment when you want to tell your special someone that you adore them, because nothing turns up the romantic heat like this mental image.

“Leave You”: Tweak some of the words, slow the whole thing down, and turn the track into a soulful breakup tune–perhaps one that interpolates Led Zep’s “Babe, I’m Gonna Leave You”? .

“Kill You”: And if he does “Marry You,” he could collect the whole set. (Though the meter for that one might be a bit off.)

“Swag You”: Cee Lo makes his triumphant return to rapping, complete with a choppy beat that could rival anything Odd Future is putting out. Let’s just hope Mos Def doesn’t get a hold of it

“(Tectonic) Shift You”: After accidentally listening to Panda Bear’s “Tomboy”, Cee Lo becomes obsessed with Animal Collective.This remake has no lyrics save Cee Lo saying the word “panda” over and over. Noah Lennox approves.