How New Yorkers Describe Themselves in Their Online Dating Profiles


Ooh, infographics! Dating infographics! According to these enlightening maps by R. Luke DuBois, which appear today on Fast Company‘s Co.Design blog, America is quite diverse with regard to how we like to describe ourselves on our online dating profiles. In certain places (like West Virginia for men, and Arizona for women), “kinky” is a popular descriptor; in others, wannabe daters are more likely to call themselves “shy.” DuBois apparently tried online dating briefly in 2008 and was fascinated by how it worked. We are equally fascinated by his maps.

Some of the funniest people live in New York. Surprised? Other notable words for a few of our favorite neighborhoods:

Lower East Side: Brunch

East Village: Cash, Bloody

West Village: Gossip

Midtown: Stockbroker

Murray Hill: Debutante

Somewhere in the middle, possibly near NYU, because that would be funny: Ganja

Williamsburg: Hipsters, DJ

Upper East Side: Paris, Opera, Yiddish

Upper West Side: Jew, Narcissist, Doormen

This is endlessly fascinating. Here’s a closeup of downtown New York.

The good news is that DuBois found that profiles were actually quite descriptive and mostly original. “Everyone has a unique way of writing, or as specific activity they write about, or restaurants, or trips they’ve taken,” he said. Eyelash!

Infographic of the Day: How America Describes Itself In Dating Profiles [FastCo.Design]

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 5, 2011

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