Meet Bobby, the Middle-Aged Celebrity


As a kid, he was raped by hundreds, maybe thousands of priests, even though he’s Jewish.

After being fired from a job playing opposite Zippy the chimp and ending up subsisting on old pizza crusts and Fresca, he started feeling, “The glass is a third full. That leaves room for disappointment.”

At 62, he has artificial knees, “chicken neck,” and Tourette syndrome, but he desperately wants to be like Justin Bieber and/or sing a duet with “SueBo” (Susan Boyle).

And yet, Bobby The Middle-Aged Celebrity is not only still kicking, he’s learned to like himself and even to spread the word via self-help tapes he’s desperate for you to buy before the end of the month.

Star Robert I. Rubinsky, who wrote the show (playing April 15, 22, 19, and three Fridays in May at WorkShop Theater Company’s Jewel Box, 312 W. 36 Street), has had enough of these actual experiences to relive them onstage with gusto, serving a hilarious sendup of “I wanna be famous” confessionals, complete with slap-happy songs and satirically synthetic happy ending.

He’s so deft I think he finally will become rich and famous!

Never again will Bobby have to be a cater waiter and stand there as Sting‘s tribal friends with plates in their lips try to chew egg salad.

Photo by Merle Frimark.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 5, 2011

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