The Best Thing I Ate Yesterday: Grilled Cheese, Conch, Peanut Butter, and Focaccia


Welcome to The Best Thing I Ate Yesterday, where we endeavor to remember the very best thing we stuffed down our gullets over the past 24 hours. Why? Because the only thing better than enjoying a meal is wallowing in the memory of one savored in the recent past.

Today’s fond reminiscences …


Rebecca Marx: A grilled cheese sandwich at Henry Public (329 Henry Street, Brooklyn, 718-852-8630).

Robert Sietsema: Conch fricassee at Arcane (111 Avenue C, 212-777-0477).

Chantal Martineau: Homemade focaccia at Ciano (45 East 22nd Street , 212-982-8422).

Victoria Bekiempis: Plain peanut butter sandwich.

Lauren Shockey: Lemon risotto with herbs, at home.


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 5, 2011


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