My Column This Week Is a Cartoon!


CLICK HERE for the ambitious, envelope-pushing, jaw-dropping “La Dolce” column in which actual dialogue I’ve overheard in nightclubs has been transformed into incisively funny cartoon panels rendered by artist Dominic Bugatto.

(It’s all part of our much ballyhooed cartoon issue, which is very animated, I must say.)

Click on all five panels and you’ll thrill to real-life dialogue like “Face it. There’s a little bit of Galliano in all of us” and “I’m a girl, but I can fuck you with my clit.”

Hey, if this hits it big, I can just envision “La Dolce” the animated feature voiced by Tom Hanks as a gossip columnist penguin and Mandy Moore as a transsexual mouse.

Or maybe just another column of cartoon strips.