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Prison Guard Accused of Offering Prisoner an Early Release in Exchange for Cocaine


A correctional officer at Rikers Island has been arrested for offering an inmate early release in exchange for three kilos of cocaine. The office of the special narcotics prosecutor released a statement today detailing the investigation of prison guard Robert Whitfield. Whitfield allegedly promised an inmate that he could secure his early release if he hooked him up with a drug connect on the outside. The connect turned out to be a DEA agent, and the sting landed both Whitfield and his intermediary, Islime Duvivier, in jail. Don’t you just hate taking your work home with you?

DOI Commissioner Rose Gill Hearn said the following, probably while shaking her head:

“This disgraced correction officer took corruption to a new level, according to the criminal complaint. He bartered his jailhouse access for a large cache of dangerous and illegal drugs, conspired to release inmates he was supposed to guard, and betrayed the public trust, it is charged. Fortunately, DOI and its law enforcement partners exposed and stopped this perilous charged scheme.”

Turning a prisoner into over six pounds of cocaine is a big no-no, and Whitfield is held on seven counts, including multiple charges of conspiracy and bribe receiving. The identity of the inmate has not been released, which he is probably thankful for.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 6, 2011


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