The New Bon Appétit Will Feature Pasta Before Paltrow


Although Gwyneth Paltrow may show her smirking mug on the cover of Bon Appétit‘s June issue, the magazine’s May issue — the first under editor-in-chief Adam Rapoport — will be much easier to swallow.

According to WWD‘s very lengthy and informative interview with Rapoport, the bowl of pasta al pomodoro sends the signal that the magazine isn’t planning to change too radically, and that, Rapoport said, “we want to retain readers and win new readers.”

Those new readers he’d like to win include men (which might explain those ads), as well as readers of food blogs and the magazine’s website. He explained that the new magazine needs to “tap into popular culture and have a buzziness,” which partially explains why Gwyneth Paltrow will be on its cover, and why the new back-page feature will be a food-related question posed to a celebrity and answered on a cocktail napkin. However, Rapoport stressed that he doesn’t “want to make a magazine where chefs are treated as celebrities,” and added that there will still be, you know, recipes and things.

You can also expect “punchy and fun” headlines and very pretty photographs, which makes the new magazine sound a bit like an aging socialite who’s getting collagen implants and dating her pool boy. Or like any other glossy magazine that’s trying to lure bodies away from their computer screens by dangling shiny things in front of them, while simultaneously reassuring their aging, affluent subscriber base that they can still have their spaghetti and eat it, too.

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This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 6, 2011


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