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This Week in the Voice: Cartoons!


This week in the Voice, it’s the Comics Issue! Be sure to pick up a hard copy so you can fully appreciate all the vibrant illustrations and art, including an animated Robert Sietsema food review and Michael Musto’s column as a cartoon. Just look at that cover; look at it! It’s a piece of genius by Ward Sutton, and you really should have one of your own.

Lauren Shockey reviews Saro (with a gorgeous illustration by Michelle Kondrich, of course), a Lower East Side haunt specializing in Balkin fare. While the region’s cuisine may be “damn bland,” she reassures that “hints of life do peek out from the kitchen.

Know what True Wine Connoisseurs is? If you guessed a YouTube channel hosted by rapper Sadat X, you’d be right. Ben Westhoff talks with the New Rochelle-born artist about his love for the vino.

Put your thinking caps on; Michael P. Ventura chronicles two Columbia professors’ ongoing battle over string theory, a/k/a the mechanics of everything.

Elsewhere, Eric Hynes watches an adolescent action hero in Hanna. “Despite its handsome presentation and cinematic ingenuity, the film never really goes beyond superficial pleasures.

What’s the perfect way to cap off an entire issue about cartoons? R.C. Baker examines the career of Roy Lichtenstein, the creator of “comics for people who never read them.

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This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 6, 2011


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