At Pizza Hut, There Is Now No Distinction Between Crust and Rest of Pie


First, the shocker: Pizza Hut is celebrating the 16th anniversary of stuffed-crust pizza. Seems like only yesterday the fast-food chain amazed us all by finding a way to imbue its pies with even more cheese than before. Now, the company is poised to amaze again: with crust stuffed with cheese and toppings.

According to Nation’s Restaurant News, for a limited time, you get a pie with virtually no distinction between crust and interior. You like cheese and pepperoni? Italian sausage? Bacon? You got it, in every single bite. No more leaving those pizza bones behind. Because they aren’t bones, but cheesy, meaty body. We ask, in all sincerity, What will they think of next?

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 7, 2011


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