Cathie Black Loses Another Deputy As Her Unpopularity Festers


It’s lonely at the top of Tweed Courthouse for schools Chancellor Cathie Black. Her approval rating is a dismal 17 percent (even lower than Mayor Bloomberg’s, who appears so unhappy with his own unpopularity he spent millions on a self-promotional flier).

And now, another deputy is leaving her employ.

Sure, John White, the Deputy Chancellor in charge of figuring out new teacher evaluations, is leaving for a plum job: to head the schools in New Orleans. But he’s the fourth deputy to leave during Black’s short tenure, joining Eric Nadelstern and Santiago Taveras.

Bloomberg insisted he needed someone to shake things up — and that, Black has certainly done. But losing your inner team when people already question your qualifications, presiding over 12 school closings, making jokes about birth control being the answer to over crowded classrooms, and failing to master the Joel-Klein-perfected technique of never mocking your protesters hasn’t won her a lot of support, either.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 7, 2011


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