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Cindy Jackson Has Had 52 Plastic Surgeries; Looks Shockingly Sort of Human


All hail Cindy Jackson, a 55-year-old woman who’s spent more than $100,000 on 52 rounds of plastic surgeries and “artificial enhancements,” and actually doesn’t look like a scary mush-faced cat lady…yet. The New York Post breathlessly chronicles her journey, correction, “transformation” of a “once-drab face and lumpy body into a classically beautiful masterpiece.” Not only did Jackson use her talents as an art student to prevent her surgeries from becoming garish, or so Jackson and the Post claim, she’s now a Guinness Record holder for “the most cosmetic procedures.”

Typical, we suppose, for plastic surgery addicts, Jackson always thought she looked out of proportion and dowdy. Always. But in her “face book” of photos, her first picture, we think, is actually rather cute, while the last four place her firmly in Real Housewives of Orange County/done-up newscaster territory.

Among Jackson’s surgeries that “would make a reality star drool” (ew): cheek implants, a chin reduction, two nose jobs, five face-lifts, and a reshaping of her jaw, which apparently hurt a lot. Also, liposuction to remove inner-knee fat, which will never come off with a diet, plus Botox, chemical peels, filler in her hands….and so on.

“It looks fantastic, and it’s taken 10 to 15 years off of my hands,” she said. The only feature left on her face that she was born with is her dimples.

We are supposed to admire this woman for her 52 plastic surgeries that don’t make her look completely freakish and awful, and for transforming her obsession into a fabulous, lucrative job as a cosmetic-surgery consultant and author. Instead we just feel…sad.

Jackson has a boyfriend, but it’s not serious, because she is obviously deeply in love with plastic surgery.

She proves it’s a wonderful knife [NYP]

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 7, 2011

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