Donald Trump, Birther, ‘Absolutely’ Has Obama Researchers in Hawaii


Name recognition alone is probably enough to place Donald Trump second in a poll among potential 2012 Republican candidates — 17% of likely Republican voters picked Trump, only behind 21% for Mitt Romney — but his recent media blitz probably doesn’t hurt either. Whether it’s about his television show ratings (it is) or actually becoming president (never, no way), Trump knows how to work an angle, and for now, it’s being a Birther, or claiming our president was born in Africa, not Hawaii, which is infuriating because it’s both dangerous and based totally on lies. This morning, he brought his bullshit to the Today show.

The softball questions were more like beach balls as a Trump told Meredith Vieira that he has “people who have been studying it, and they cannot believe what they are finding.” She followed-up, asking if that meant he had people actually in Hawaii looking for proof and the asshole said, “Absolutely.”

“His grandmother in Kenya said he was born in Kenya, and she was there and witnessed the birth,” Trump contended, incorrectly.

The man is feigning ignorance for attention. That is all.