New York’s Last Line of Defense From Zombies Arrested at Port Authority


A man who describes himself as a “zombie enthusiast” (the correct term is “zombie aficionado”) was arrested at the Port Authority Bus Terminal on Tuesday. The Post reports that 25-year-old Christopher Rodger had a camouflage bag full of “swords, knives, burglar tools, night-vision goggles and hand-drawn blueprints.” You spend hours on a cramped Peter Pan bus eager to get to The Big Apple to fight some zombies, but you can’t even make it out onto 8th Avenue. Life!

Officers were suspicious of the man because he was wearing a trench coat on a warm night and had an “empty” look in his eyes. When questioned, “Rodger blurted that he was carrying a gas-powered pellet gun. That prompted a search which also turned up five samurai swords, three daggers and other knives.”

Be cautious over the weekend, New Yorkers; Christopher Rodger, zombie hunter, can’t save you from the hoards of undead intent on feeding upon your flesh. Blame the Port Authority.

Armed ‘zombie’ arrest [NYP]

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 7, 2011

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