Tomorrow: NYC’s Top 10 Bar Snacks


Saturated with mayo and smoked paprika, and scattered with chives, the Sparrow Tavern’s corn on the cob is a luscious delight, but will it make the cut?

Sometimes you don’t want to dig into a big elaborate meal. Like when you’re in a bar, sipping cocktails, belting beers, or tippling red wine. You want a snack, a culinary pick-me-up, and it can’t be too fussy either. No rabbit kidneys or mac and cheese with cheeses from several continents simultaneously.

Something more than popcorn and peanuts, though, but less than a burger and fries — that’s not a snack, it’s a meal. But the snack can be substantial.

Anyway, leave Fork in the Road to sort it out. We’ll do all the sorting and arguing for you. So tune in bright and early tomorrow morning for our city’s 10 best bar snacks. In ranked order, of course.

A few pictures from inside the Sparrow Tavern, in Astoria:

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 7, 2011

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