What Vegetable Best Represents Us?


New York State has an official fruit (the apple) and drink (milk), but no official vegetable. Two state senators are now battling it out over what the lucky plant should be. The candidates? The onion and sweet corn.

As the TimesCity Room blog points out, if you haven’t already picked up on a key issue with this debate, here it is: Corn is no vegetable. It’s a grain. It seems to us that these two senators failed to consider the most obvious candidate. Surely, neither of them is a true foodie. There is only one vegetable that drives New Yorkers into a frenzy of local pride and culinary creativity: ramps! They come in all forms, from pasta to cocktails, and are celebrated with the sort of fervor usually reserved for foods like chili or barbecue. We’re casting our vote for ramps … what do you think should be New York’s state vegetable?

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 7, 2011

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