Cathie Black’s First After School Interview: ‘I’m a Warrior’


New York City’s short-lived schools chancellor Cathie Black, who was fired yesterday after barely three months on the job, has given her first interview (save a quip to swarming reporters about her new running shoes) to Patricia Sellers at Fortune. “I feel fine,” she said to Sellers, repeating same sentiment she expressed briefly yesterday. (Not quite “good,” mind you.) Black was somewhat honest about her lack of preparation, comparing the job to “having to learn Russian in a weekend — and then give speeches in Russian and speak Russian in budget committee and City Council meetings.” Sellers seemed to float the idea that gender came into play — and how couldn’t it — and Black wondered, “If I were a guy, would I have had the pounding that I did?” She added, “And the worst pictures!” about the press coverage she received. The brief chat isn’t going to change any minds about the loathed exec, but it does indicate that she’s probably relieved. And she’ll be ok. “I’m a warrior,” she said.


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 8, 2011

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