LEGO Brooklyn Creator Really, Really Loves New York, LEGOs


Jonathan Lopes, a Boerum Hill artist, is building Broolyn in his living room out of blocks. Using only plastic LEGOs, Lopes doesn’t even alter the pieces at all, he just makes do with what the boxes offer. “It’s challenging to achieve certain aesthetics with the limitations of the brick,” he told the New York Daily News. “I try to get it as real looking as possible.” The set-up now fills his 400-square foot living, after four years working on the project. This guy sounds sort of nuts.

“I want it to look like what I see every day when I walk to the subway,” he explains. (He could take a picture, possibly?) “I thought it would be easy,” he said. “Then once I started building it, it was driving me insane.” (That’s what it sounds like.)

He goes on: “As I ride the subway, I space out and I’m building things in my head.” (Um…) “In my mind, I’m already starting to plan the next one.” (Where are his friends or family?) He counts half-a-million LEGOs in his collection. (That’s too many.)

Lopes plans to finish building Hoyt St. and then move on to “The Last Supper.”

“I hope you enjoy the creations,” he writes on his official website. “Though they don’t always represent the usual shiny happy side of lego life, I strive to come up with new and interesting details all the time.”

Someone buy this dude a beer or six. Then give him a hug.


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 8, 2011

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