Madonna Wanted for Sunset Boulevard


I recently April Fooled you about Madonna getting a special Oscar for acting, but there’s finally a role that she could garner some gold with.

And she doesn’t want it!

On Piers Morgan‘s chat show on CNN, composer Andrew Lloyd Webber said he feels Madonna would be a ”great Norma Desmond” in the film version of his Broadway hit.

But he added it would probably never happen.

“She’s the right age,” exclaimed Lloyd Webber.

Alas, he said, “I’ve not got through to her. She hasn’t taken my call this time.”

Even though Madge won a Golden Globe for the movie of Lloyd Webber’s Evita!

And I bet I know why Madonna’s not returning his calls:

Because she’s the right age!

In other words, performers — especially women — tend to shy away from roles in which they play characters advancing towards the afterlife.

That kind of hyperrealism they don’t want.

And in this particular musical, Norma happens to be a deranged has-been.

But let’s not forget that all sorts of people turned down the original movie version of Sunset Boulevard for the same reason, Mae West among them.

And they were crazy! As crazy as Norma Desmond!

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 8, 2011

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