More Bad Playbills for Rotten Shows: The Final Batch


I watch them so you don’t have to — and I even keep the Playbills.

This time, I’m serving you some Dance of the Vampires, the toothless musical with the immortal production number about garlic (which appropriately reeked).

The stage version of On the Waterfront, which could NOT have been a contender. Even on paper, that was a lousy idea.

Teaneck Tanzi, a misbegotten wrestling-related bit of wackiness starring the unlikely duo of Andy Kaufman and Debbie Harry. (Critics took it to the mat.)

Good Vibrations, the Beach Boys jukebox musical that sent off NO vibrations. (I dreamed I was in Kokomo or “In My Room” instead of watching it.)

And Got Tu Go Disco, a weirdly spelled ’70s piece of crap featuring the real doorman from Studio 54.

His appearing in this was a terrible judgment rivaled only by the time he turned me away from the club!

Enjoy! At least the Playbill were good.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 8, 2011

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