Chicago Foodies Are Even More Batshit Than New York Foodies


Remember way back when Ko opened and people were doing all sorts of crazy shit to get a reservation? Three years later, Chicago has put us to shame.

The New York Times reports that Chicagoans are bidding up to $3,000 to get seats at Grant Achatz’s new restaurant, Next. The restaurant, which opened last week, does not take phone reservations. Instead, would-be diners buy one-time-only, set-price tickets that start in the $45-$75 range. Naturally, some ticket holders are opting to scalp their tickets online, which has resulted in a brisk trade on Craigslist.

Eater Chicago, of course, has been stoking the flames of obsession with pictures of the restaurant’s current menu, which takes its inspiration from 1906 Paris. It looks delightful, even if it’s now making us think of the restaurant’s customers in the same light as those Black Friday Walmart shoppers.


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 11, 2011

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