One Metro-North Train Car Has Secret Wi-Fi


There is, apparently, one train car on the New Haven line of Metro-North that has a secret. A secret called “Wi-Fi.” Via Second Avenue Sagas, the MTA is keeping mum about which car it is because service is “not ready for prime time.” Of course, it would be easy enough for a person to identify the Wi-Fi car simply by checking for Wi-Fi in each car while on his or her regular commute…meaning, it won’t be a secret too much longer, will it? Hint: Look for the crowded car where everyone’s using their laptops and looking like they just won the lottery.

An added clue: The car has an outside antenna that gets an AT&T cellular signal, which is converted by a router to Wi-Fi inside the car. Hint: Look for the outside antenna.

This is all very exciting, but if you can’t identify the Wi-Fi car (or don’t take the New Haven line), be patient: Wi-Fi service will be eventually be rolled out to all trains, along with, according to the New York Post, digital screens in Metro-North and LIRR trains for advertising and scheduling updates. And then you will miss the old days, mark our words.

Metro-North running secret Wi-Fi pilot [Second Avenue Sagas]

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 11, 2011

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